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Keep up with the ever-changing needs of business. Take a crucial look at areas of IT that need to adapt to changing requirements. MV Help Desk can help you streamline processes, while also improving flexibility, capacity, and efficiency.


WiFi has become as indispensable as electricity in the home. Given all the devices, appliances, and architectural features that can cause interference in the typical house, even the most powerful WiFi router can miss some spots. MV Help Desk, can provide a complete solution for all of your wireless needs, as well as service your existing setup.


Enjoy complete entertainment throughout your home, controlled from any room! MV Help Desk designs and installs multi-room audio/video systems that deliver crystal-clear sound and picture quality throughout your home.



MV Help Desk (formed in 2008 by Matthew Rodenbaugh) offers IT support and solutions that deliver excellence and expertise to our valuable clients. Matt ensures that technology fits your business and homes – balancing need, timing, and critical readiness – to position your business for the future, and your home the perfect place to spend more time relaxing and entertaining.

MV Help Desk offers:

  • Initial consultation/ visit

  • Budget & Scope 

  • Plan design & Proposal

  • Rough-In or Retro-Fit Wiring

  • Project Management

  • Equipment Procurement, Installation & Programming

  • Client Orientation & Walk-through

  • Maintenance & Service


Position your organization for success


Tech trends like the Internet of Things, cloud computing, machine learning, mobility, and more have revolutionized how businesses operate in recent years. Emerging and evolving technologies will continue to influence and change our workplace routines. There is a lot of demand to keep up with the rapidly changing tech world. 


Deciding what technologies to invest in and comparing vendors can seem daunting. MV Help Desk can assess your business needs to ensure you stay on top of tech trends and implements the best possible solutions.


Home Networking is important for seamless integration of your computers, laptops, printers, smart-phones and tablets, as well as the rapidly growing list of other devices. Getting a Wi-Fi signal to every corner of your home can be a challenging task, especially if you have a large house or one with lots of thick walls. MV Help Desk can help you improve your Wi-Fi coverage and secure your bandwidth from unauthorized users for optimized speed. 


The Ultimate Entertainment Experience: Indoors and Out!

Spend more time relaxing, and less time hassling with complicated stereo equipment. From any mobile device, you can easily control the sound in your whole home or just the room you’re in with a simple tap of your finger. Enjoy your home, whether it be a favorite song, movie, or TV show with simple one-touch control. MV Help Desk can help you create a system that works seamlessly and is easy for the entire family to use. Now is the perfect time to improve the audio quality and control of any room in your home.



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